Citoyen Grolandais et Philosophe

It’s vacation time soon. You are going to travel the roads of our French neighbors and you want to show your attachment to our dear Presipacy. You have requested your kit from the Groland Embassy located at Canal + headquarters but you have not yet received your precious sesame. By clicking here, you will be able to download a file which will allow you to print a magnificent “GRD” (with the appropriate paper). But this is only a waiting solution, nothing beats the original …

The Groland Presipacy is a laughing land nestled between China, Australia and Antarctica.
Groland is a land of contrast that is divided into four main parts: Groland-du-Haut, Groland-du-Bas, Groland-de-Côté and Groland-de-autre-Côté.
The capital is called Groville and the main river is Gro. Each year our President swims across it with his ministers in January. Those who do not want to accompany him are traitors and they go to SalengroVII prison for many years.

President Salengro is the only one to have the right to vote. The inhabitants are called Grolandais. There are also animals and it’s dogs.
Groland’s specialty is Van Gogh-style pork ear.
In the Veronika-Loubry amusement park, the rides are fixed: it is the parents who turn around.