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Pacaugnant is the scene of anunprecedented epidemic of dysentery.In the last few days, the inhabitants of this small town of the Low Groand live in terror of contracting the disease.


My name is Theodocle Fion and I am a Dutchman by birth and heart. I lead a peaceful life in the good town of Gougnoffles-sur-Roupettes in the Groland of Haut.

I was born lendi 13 novemb ‘1961 at the maternity Annie Cordy of Roswell-sur-Gougnon in the Groland of the Netherlands.

United Kingdom since sadi 4 septemb ‘1982 to Ludivine Raymonde Clamouille, I have two boys, Helmut Marcel and Blaise Raoul.

I did my military service overseas at the 4th Mutilated Artillery in the Koufoué Islands with the rank of marshal of the orgies. Demobilized, I attended the Entrance Examination at the Groville Police School but I was down for IQ too high.

Overcoming my disappointment, I then questioned myself and since that time, I am practicing the profession of bolt miller of 4 in the Rivet-Leclou factory located in Troudain, stronghold of the grotesque metallurgy.

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