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Groland Is A Fictional Nation

About Groland


Groland is a fictional nation included in different clever projects on French TV slot Canal+. It is an obscure spoof of France and European microstates. The show related with the nation is Made in Groland, also referred to, for the more established form as Groland Sat, 7 Jours au Groland (7 Days in Groland) Bienvenue au Groland. (Welcome to Groland) Groland Magazine, Groland.con.

Groland is a fictional nation

The landlocked country is depicted as a “personality” (a neologism produced using “realm” and “president”), and its fundamental locals are Upper Groland, Side Groland, Lower Groland, and Other Side Groland. The capital is Groville, the primary stream is Gro, and the fundamental prefectures are Grungy, Mufflins, Maroufle, and Vichumes. The place names, certain components of Grolandais discourse (e.g. the utilization of “ch'” rather than “le” or “la”), and the by and large vile and unintelligent character of the Grolandais themselves, reflect well-known generalizations about provincial northern France. Groland has the refinement of having a fringe with each nation on the planet.

The Motto:

The motto of the nation is Joie, hospitalité, lâcheté (“Joy, accommodation, weakness”). The nation stayed unbiased amid World War I, and was renowned for being a safe house for troopers on leave, with its modest liquor and whores. Amid World War II, the nation’s authority worked together with the Nazi occupier; the administration occupied with arrangements of oppression and extradition of Jews and gay people. After American troops freed the nation, a sudden difference in the state of mind happened and affirmed previous partners were killed.

Groland had been the star and perpetual character of a ceaseless news TV station, CANAL International (articulated CNL), a reasonable spoof of CNN, until the point that the style of the program was reestablished and refreshed. After CNL, the tone has somewhat developed towards a satire of a well-known program once called Aujourd’hui (Madame Today), the soundtrack of which used to be a point of interest of the two-channel, state-claimed French TV of the late seventies.

After September 2008 another visual line put the accentuation on a gathering of not really clean old individuals moving around in home-blended music chose by Sylvain Fusée, the recorded column chief of the program. This visual development mirrors a more significant rebound of the program to its unique motivation: delineating Groland as a character who by the voice of its different and bright nationals exemplifies the shrouded face of the French society. This repositioning left the deliberate feedback of the then-current Sarkozy Administration to the next satire program of Canal Plus, Les Guignols de l’info (The Info Clowns, or The Info Puppets).

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